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Request a Bid

Please call or E-Mail us with a brief description of your products, the number of items you want photographed and an idea of how you would like the final images to look. Below are sample/very rough estimates of potential jobs. Each job is unique and negotiable based on what the product is, and where the images are to be applied.

Single Image$50.00
2-4 images$40.00
5-9 images$35.00
10-19 images$30.00
20-49 images$25.00
50-99 images$22.00
100 or moreNegotiable. Call Us.
Clipping Paths, under 100 items$8.00/shot
Clipping Paths, over 100 items$4.00/shot
Specialized set up and labour$75.00/hour
Advanced Photo Manipulation$75.00/hour
Clothing stylistcurrent industry standard
Prop Stylistcurrent industry standard
Hair/Makeup Artistcurrent industry standard
Professional Modelcurrent industry standard
Food Stylistcurrent industry standard